We’re known for our extremely high quality body jewelry selection for new or healed piercings. We carry many of the largest names in body jewelry, including Anatometal, Body Vision LA, NeoMetal and more, including our own brand of jewelry made right here in Marquette by the artists at Aurora. The metals we use are always nickel free, and include implant grade titanium, niobium, platinum, and gold.

We have a lot of pride in the jewelry we offer, which is why we guarantee to our customers that you will never see a single piece of externally threaded body jewelry for sale in our studio! All of our jewelry that does require threading or closure is internally threaded or threadless.

Issues arising from jewelry of this quality is exceptionally rare, but anything can happen- which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on ALL jewelry we sell. Unlike most body jewelry retailers, if you lose a stone, a setting breaks, or color fades- we will repair or replace your jewelry free of charge. We thank you for trusting us with your business, and want you to know that you’re worth the best that we can offer you.

In addition to the benefits listed above, all of our jewelry meets the standards set in place by the Michigan Health Department and requirements for initial jewelry by the Association of Professional Piercers, in regards to polish, thread pattern, and materials used.

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